A Joyful Synaxis at the Hermitage of the Holy Annunciation, Watford, NS

January 20, 2014

On the Synaxis of Saint John the Forerunner a small group of pilgrims braved the weather and gathered at the Hermitage of the Annunciation for the first Liturgy celebrated by the newly ordained hieromonk Cassian. The Hermitage was especially blessed by the presence of Bishop Irénée who assisted Igumen Roman and others in singing.

Many of the pilgrims who were present belong to the Sisterhood of Martha and Mary. The Sisterhood sprang up around the Hermitage in response to the needs of the fathers. The ladies are devoted to supporting Orthodox Christian monasticism. Several times a year the Sisterhood meets for a molieben, a talk given by one of the monks, and a communal meal.

After the Liturgy the faithful shared a meal. Vladyka gave a word on love and unity. The Synaxis brought together the Orthodox from all the jurisdictions in Nova Scotia.