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MIOTAcademic Programme

Undergraduate Certificate in Orthodox Theology (30 credits)

The Certificate programme is designed to familiarize students with the theological and cultural foundations of the Orthodox Christian tradition. Students also acquire a better understanding of the unique religious and cultural contributions Orthodox Christian communities make in a multicultural society.

Through well-structured courses, students are introduced to the study of the basic elements of Orthodoxy, and are guided through the analysis and interpretation of Orthodox Christian theology, spirituality and liturgical practices. The main theological currents and authors within Orthodox theology provide the context for the development of critical thinking skills. In addition, students are introduced to the available resources for theological research.

Programme Objectives

The Programme aims to enable its students to:

✚ Learn more about the Orthodox tradition;
✚ Compare Orthodox Christianity to other Christian groups; and
✚ Enrich their knowledge of theology, spirituality and liturgy in the Orthodox tradition, and broaden their general knowledge base.

Programme Structure

Courses are offered according to seven major themes:

✚ Church History
✚ Dogmatic Theology
✚ Spirituality
✚ Liturgical Theology
✚ Biblical Studies
✚ Patristic Theology
✚ Specific Topics in Orthodox Theology

Graduate Diploma in Orthodox Theology (30 credits)

The Graduate Diploma provides more specialized knowledge of key aspects of the Orthodox tradition, and aims to engender a broad reflection on the destiny of Orthodox Christianity in the 21st century. Strongly rooted in the age-old tradition of the Orthodox Church, the programme initiates students to both ancient and modern-day authors in order to provide a solid basis for understanding the major contemporary challenges facing Orthodoxy.

Programme Objectives

Through the use of well-structured seminars and lectures, the programme aims to enable students to:

✚ Assess the current status of the Orthodox Christian world;
✚ Learn about contemporary issues and challenges faced by the Orthodox Church;
✚ Familiarize themselves with the founding texts of the Orthodox tradition;
✚ Improve their understanding of the history and theology of the Orthodox Church;
✚ Reflect on major themes of Orthodox spirituality and liturgical practice; and
✚ Develop a research project in Orthodox theology.

Programme Structure

The programme is structured according to four modules: Required Courses; Foundational Texts of the Orthodox Church; Historical Aspects and Theology of the Orthodox Tradition; and Orthodox Culture and Spirituality.

Advancement Perspectives

Students who complete the Graduate Diploma in Orthodox Theology can obtain credit towards a Master’s Degree in Theology from Université Laval. Additional requirements for a Master’s Degree include a supervised thesis. It is also possible to pursue a Doctorate in theology in an area related to Orthodox theology.


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