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After a long hiatus the Canadian Orthodox Messenger has entered the internet age as a blog presenting thoughtful, reflective and, moreover, edifying content that gives glory to God and strengthens its readers to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Articles of many different types will be considered for publication: reflections, reviews, essays, travelogues, interest pieces, and most well written pieces. Please send your submissions to messenger@archdiocese.ca.

Blog Articles

by Fr Gregory Scratch

Trying to separate Orthodox Christianity from the cultures that had been formed by the faith for centuries, in a pluralistic Western culture, is like trying to separate water from wine; simply impossible.

by Fr Gregory Scratch

To understand the Theotokos, is to understand the love of a mother. To understand the love of a mother, is to understand the Theotokos.

By Archpriest Gregory Scratch

This past weekend we continued to bask in the glory and light of Pentecost beholding the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and all humanity. It is in this “light and glory” that we see the abiding presence of the “Comforter and Spirit of Truth, who is everywhere and fills all things” in those holy men and women, who bore the fruit of the Holy Spirit, “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such there is no law”(Gal 5:22-23); the Saints.

by Fr Gregory Scratch

A reflection on the current Public Health Orders restricting our participation in the services of Holy Week and Pascha.

By Fr Deacon Thomas Chaput

Every year around March, when the weather begins to change, a renewal begins to take place. The world prepares for the spring season, there is a freshness in the air, an anticipation of newness. The spring season is just around the corner. At home we endeavour to tidy our yards, prepare our gardens, put out our lawn furniture, and, we begin clean our homes. We outline what needs to be done, and ensure that we rid ourselves of remnants of a long cold winter remaining inside.

By Dr Gregory Wiebe

Dear brothers and sisters, let us take to heart the King and Prophet Solomon’s wisdom, which we heard earlier:

by Fr Gregory Scratch

Christianity is by definition a mission; a living tradition that not only proclaims the Gospel (Good news) of God’s saving love and victory over death, but also manifests the life of the Kingdom of God in every age and in every nation.

by Fr Gregory Scratch

I have always been challenged when it comes to building fires. They always burn themselves up in a flash because they are mainly fueled by flammable paper;  never catch because I have packed everything tightly with no room for oxygen to feed the fire;  or worse produce a huge cloud of smoke that chokes everyone. Indeed the process  of building a fire is something that I (and many others) overthink and work on; along with many other elements in my life. Especially my life as a Christian.