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After a long hiatus the Canadian Orthodox Messenger has entered the internet age as a blog presenting thoughtful, reflective and, moreover, edifying content that gives glory to God and strengthens its readers to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Articles of many different types will be considered for publication: reflections, reviews, essays, travelogues, interest pieces, and most well written pieces. Please send your submissions to messenger@archdiocese.ca.

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by Archpriest Gregory Scratch

Following the scriptural pattern, we are in the last week of this 40 day Paschal season. The question that is often asked, is what is the significance of 40 days being used throughout scripture? Well, without getting into biblical numerology (which if I am being honest is a little beyond me), this time stamp of 40 days is the actualisation of a completed act or event that is presented symbolically, yet in the context of reality.  

by Archpriest Gregory Scratch

This past week the Archpriest Nicholas Boldireff fell asleep in the Lord after a lengthy illness. Fr. Nicholas was the longtime pastor of Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in Toronto and Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles (CA); and although  I never really knew Fr. Nicholas personally well, (even though I had served with him as a young server, and deacon)  there is Nonetheless there is something very personal that I share with him. 

by Esther Juce

During the Feast of Theophany, January 6th, it is good to remember that Christ not only descended into the baptismal waters of the Jordan, but by doing so also descended to the bleak and arid desolation of our fallen human condition, into the wilderness of a parched land where no water is.

by Fr Gregory Scratch

Trying to separate Orthodox Christianity from the cultures that had been formed by the faith for centuries, in a pluralistic Western culture, is like trying to separate water from wine; simply impossible.

by Fr Gregory Scratch

To understand the Theotokos, is to understand the love of a mother. To understand the love of a mother, is to understand the Theotokos.

By Archpriest Gregory Scratch

This past weekend we continued to bask in the glory and light of Pentecost beholding the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and all humanity. It is in this “light and glory” that we see the abiding presence of the “Comforter and Spirit of Truth, who is everywhere and fills all things” in those holy men and women, who bore the fruit of the Holy Spirit, “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such there is no law”(Gal 5:22-23); the Saints.

by Fr Gregory Scratch

A reflection on the current Public Health Orders restricting our participation in the services of Holy Week and Pascha.