Pastoral Visits to Three Québec Parishes by Archbishop Irénée

The Sign of Theotokos Church
December 5, 2021

His Eminence Archbishop Irénée has visited three Québec parishes in the last month.

On 21 November, Vladyka visited St Benoît de Nursie Church in Montréal for the Feast of Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple. He concelebrated with the parish's rector, Fr Elias Fonseca, and Deacon Denis Letunovsky. 

Vladyka served on the Feast of the Theotokos, 28 November, at The Sign of Theotokos Church in Montreal, concelebrating with Fr Paul Kara, Hieromonk Serafim Tregubov, and Deacon Denis Letunovsky.

Then on 5 December, Vladyka served at the Presentation of the Mother of God Mission in Verdun. Celebrating with Archbishop Irénée were Fr Mykola Andriienko, Fr Serafim Tregubov and Deacon Denis Letunovsky. Vladyka presented gramota to Choir director, Anna Khivintseva and Natalia & Oleg Rusu.