Ordination of Deacon John Schantz at St Nicholas of Narol, MB

April 6, 2024

By God's grace and mercy, the faithful of St Nicholas of Narol, welcomed back, His Eminence Archbishop Irénée, for the blessed ordination of John (Daryl) Schantz to the diaconate. 

On a beautiful sunny and warm spring morning (Saturday April 6th) Vladyka Irénée served the Divine Liturgy with the faithful of St Nicholas, and other Orthodox parishes. Joining Vladyka in the service was the Archpriest Gregory Scratch (parish rector), the mitred Archpriest Serhii Kashyrets, the Archpriest Roman Pavlov, the Priest Matthew Beynon (both from Holy Trinity Sobor), the Priest Stephen Sharman (St Nicholas of Narol), Protodeacon Edward Jordan (St Aidan's Cranbrook, BC), Deacon Denis Letunovsky (St Seraphim of Sarov, Rawdon, QC), Deacon Greg Wiebe (St Nicholas), Archpriest Anthony Esterbrooks (Retired), and Deacon John Kavalas (St Demetrios GOA - not serving).

During the Liturgy, the Priest Matthew Beynon was awarded the gold cross, and the Priest Stephen Sharman was awarded the kamilavka.

It is something of a marvel that it was less than eight months ago that Vladika Irénée was last at St Nicholas - also for another ordination, of Deacon Greg Wiebe. Indeed, this fact was not lost on His Eminence, as he noted in his sermon: "There are churches that devour priests and clergy... this church produces them." The newly ordained Deacon John, Matushka Robyn Sophia, and their four daughters, have with love and thanksgiving served the various needs of St Nicholas for more than a few years; and truly this ordination is a confirmation of the Lord's saving grace. In them this service has been "set aside" and offered to the Lord in thanksgiving through the laying on of hands; that the Lord Himself might reveal His saving service to us, through the newly ordained deacon's hands.

May the Lord grant many blessed years to Vladyka Irénée, granting him with peace and wisdom as he criss-crosses the Archdiocese in service to the Lord. May the Lord grant many blessed years to the newly ordained Deacon John, his wife Matushka Robyn Sophia, their children Ann-Christina (and husband Jesse), Olivia, Adrianne, and Emily; and may the Lord grant many blessed years to the clergy and faithful of St Nicholas in their continued love and dedication to the Lord. 

(Photo credits. J. Arauz, W. Magrowski, Archpriest G. Scratch)