Healing service at All Saints of North America Monastery, Dewdney, BC

June 30, 2013


The annual Healing Service at the Monastery has become a tradition in British Columbia. The clergy and laity from parishes in greater Vancouver have participated.

Located in Dewdney, about 90km to the East from Vancouver, The monastery of All Saints of North America houses the largest collection of holy relics in Canada, one of the largest in all of North America. Pilgrimages here are a regular and frequent event. The Healing Service always takes place on the afternoon of The Sunday of All Saints and in some years there have been hundreds of pilgrims attending.

Litanies and prayers are served in four languages and the service culminates with a Cross Procession in which holy relics and icons are carried by the laity. This year, the ringing of the recently acquired Russian church bells, in the newly built bell tower, gave special solemnity to the procession.