Celebrating Growth and Fellowship at St Maria of Paris Orthodox Church, Hamilton, ON

April 20, 2024 to April 21, 2024

This past weekend heralded a vibrant chapter in the life of St Maria of Paris Orthodox Church in Hamilton, Ontario. With hearts open to learning and fellowship, our parish community embarked on a journey of enrichment and celebration.

Saturday blossomed with spiritual nourishment as Dr Paul Ladouceur illuminated the life and legacy of St Maria of Paris. Attendees, representing a tapestry of backgrounds from across the Greater Hamilton/Toronto area, engaged attentively, fostering a dynamic atmosphere of learning and reflection. Even those well-versed in St Maria's story found themselves enriched by new insights.

Sunday morning radiated with anticipation as our parish family warmly greeted Archbishop Irenee, culminating in a momentous full hierarchical Divine Liturgy. The ordination of Subdeacon James (Robert) Dale to the Holy Diaconate filled our hearts with profound joy, marking a historic milestone for St Maria's. Notably, 103 faithful souls joined us in worship, a testament to our growing community.

The fellowship that ensued, enriched by the archbishop's presence, underscored the depth of our communal bonds. Over a shared meal, Archbishop Irénée's accessibility and genuine engagement with our catechumens exemplified the essence of servant leadership.

As we reflect on this weekend's events, we embrace a new threshold in our parish journey, poised for deeper growth and service to the needs of Hamilton. Together, we stand united, enriched by fellowship, and emboldened by our shared faith.