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After a long hiatus the Canadian Orthodox Messenger has entered the internet age as a blog presenting thoughtful, reflective and, moreover, edifying content that gives glory to God and strengthens its readers to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Articles of many different types will be considered for publication: reflections, reviews, essays, travelogues, interest pieces, and most well written pieces. Please send your submissions to messenger@archdiocese.ca.

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by Fr Gregory Scratch

Christianity is by definition a mission; a living tradition that not only proclaims the Gospel (Good news) of God’s saving love and victory over death, but also manifests the life of the Kingdom of God in every age and in every nation.

by Fr Gregory Scratch

I have always been challenged when it comes to building fires. They always burn themselves up in a flash because they are mainly fueled by flammable paper;  never catch because I have packed everything tightly with no room for oxygen to feed the fire;  or worse produce a huge cloud of smoke that chokes everyone. Indeed the process  of building a fire is something that I (and many others) overthink and work on; along with many other elements in my life. Especially my life as a Christian.

by Fr Gregory Scratch

The feast of St. Nicholas always brings up the memory of a personal St. Nicholas/ Santa Claus of sorts... My dad.

by Fr Gregory Scratch

Always in our prayers! With the advent of September many of us come to the end of holidays. A new school year unfolds, new cycles in at work start, and there is harvest to collect. These changes of routine are almost instinctual, and we don’t think twice about them. It is just what one does, as one has ever done.

by Fr Leonard Herrem

I was at the Archdiocese of Canada Assembly in July 2017 where Fr Philip Speranza spoke to us. I was deeply moved by his message then, and even more so now during the crisis we are facing during these days.

Fr Philip speaks of giving thanks to God, even for those things that bring suffering and loss, even through “clenched teeth.”

by Fr Gregory Scratch

This week we have the joy of commemorating two profound and wonderful saints who labored here in North America as missionaries, St. Vasily Martysz (Monday May 4th- the 75th anniversary of his martyrdom) and St. Alexis Toth (Thursday May 7th).

by Anastasia Bartlett

Well, I can’t avoid talking about this Covid19 outbreak, especially since it has replaced the weather as the number one topic of choice. So here are a few thoughts.

by Anastasia Bartlett of St. Aidan's Orthodox Church

Back when I was single and had only myself to worry about, I was introduced to a fuller understanding of stewardship. I had always equated stewardship with tithing, giving to God one tenth of any money I received, 10% for God and 90% for me (which seemed fair enough since I was the one who had worked to make the money).

Although January 1st is the beginning of a new calendar year, there doesn't seem to be anything that really denotes that. After all nothing really changes with the new year; it is as dark and cold on January 1st as it is on December 31st. This being said, everything changes when September 1st comes along.