Vladyka Irénée's visit to the Christ the Saviour Mission. Winkler, Manitoba

June 5, 2023

On Spirit Monday, Archbishop Irénée, Archpriest Gregory Scratch (priest in charge of the mission), and Deacon Denis Letunovsky (St Seraphim of Sarov Rawdon QC), made the 90-minute drive from Winnipeg to serve a Molieben of Thanksgiving with the faithful of the Christ the Saviour Mission in Winkler, Manitoba.

Surrounded by many of the families of the mission (and their many many children) Vladika spoke about his wonder at seeing how the mission had grown from serving in a tiny and spartan converted garage, to a larger and beautifully adorned chapel space, truly a manifestation of the guiding and saving presence of the Holy Spirit. He encouraged the mission faithful to continue in their work, and promised to return again and serve a Liturgy with them in thanksgiving to the Lord for His work in Winkler and the Pembina valley. Following the Molieben, a BBQ was served at a parishioner's home, where the archbishop got to meet and talk with many of its members.

May the Lord bless and continue to strengthen the faithful of the Christ the Saviour Mission in Winkler in their continued mission; and grant many blessed years to our Vladyka, bringing him back safely. Glory to God!