Two Firsts for St Nicholas, Narol, Manitboa

April 19, 2019

This past Friday two amazing firsts happened at St Nicholas in Narol. We hosted our first ever women's retreat, and our youth group took on the responsibility of cleaning the Church for Holy Week and Pascha.

Women's Retreat

The women's retreat was held at the Women Refreshed at the Well Retreat Centre just down from St Nicholas. Matushka Taesia Scratch was the guest speaker and lead a insightful discussion on life in the Church. There was time for quiet contemplation, as well they spent some time together doing psyanky.

St Xenia Youth Group Clean-Up

This year the youth of St Nicholas formed a group under the protection and patronage of St Xenia of St Petersburg. They have already organized a few events, and as a group committed themselves to cleaning the Church in preparation for Holy Week and Pascha.

With the assistance of some of our more experienced members, the brass was shined, floors washed, rugs de-waxed, and garbage removed.

In both events, time and love was offered to the Lord, in the context of friendship and fellowship.