Samaritan's Purse 2017 at St. John the Divine, Windsor

December 3, 2017

Preparing and sending shoe boxes via Samaritan's Purse is a yearly event at St John the Divine in Windsor. Since 2007, we have been filling boxes individually, and also through packing parties, where many gift items are brought in by our parishioners, and we create boxes for young boys and girls. This year, we filled 87 boxes!

From St John the Divine, they were taken to Gethsemane Lutheran in Windsor; next stop is Guelph, ON. Then the boxes are sent in shipping containers to areas of the world where children have (1) never received a Christmas present, and (2) have not heard the life-changing story of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection.

Let us pray for those children who receive our boxes; let us pray that they come to love and honour Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour!