Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Video Report: Oct 28 – Nov 11, 2010

November 11, 2010

The Pilgrimage to the Holy Land was organized by Orthodox Tours company with the blessing by His Eminence, Archbishop Seraphim.

The members of the Pilgrimage team who became so close because of the time spent together on the Holy Land are very greatfull to God for this Spiritual Tour of Life. We are greatfull to the fathers who were travelling and praying with us and for us:

Fr. Ilya Gotlinsky - Rector of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church in Binghamton, NY.
Fr. James Dutko - Pastor at St. Michael's Church, ACROD, Binghamton, NY.
Fr. Basil Caldaroni - Pastor of St. John the Baptist Church (Antiochian), Post Falls, ID.
Fr. Lawrence Margitich - Rector of the St. Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox Christian Church, Santa Rosa, CA.
Dr. Alexander Zanemonets - Deacon, Moscow State University. Hebrew University. University of Haifa.

20101029 Moleben at Holy Resurrection Sobor, Vancouver. Arrival to Tiberias, Israel. (12:02)
20101030-1 Jesus Boat at the Kibbutz Ginosar on the Galilee Sea. (40:56)
20101030-2 Lower Galilee. Mount Tabor. (38:24)
20101030-3 Cana of Galilee. (28:29)
20101030-4 Nazareth. The Spring of Virgin Mary. House of the carpenter Joseph. (32:47)
20101031-1 Magdala. The Liturgy at St. Mary of Magdala Church. (1:22:56)
20101031-2 Tabgha. Mount of Beatitudes. (44:36)
20101031-3 House of Peter at Capernaum. Magdala. The Peter's Fish. (24:53)
20101031-4 Golan Heights. Kursi. Christian Monastery on the Shore of the Sea of Galilee (35:40)
20101031-5 Capernaum. Church of the Apostles. (18:58)
20101101-1 Tabgha. Church of the Loaves and Fishes (23:58)
20101101-2 Jordan River at Yardenit (27:14)
20101101-3 Judea desert. The Monastery of Saint George of Hazeva from Judea (Wadi Kelt) (42:30)
20101102-1 Kidron Valley in the West Bank. Lavra of St. Sabba. (43:06)
20101102-2 Bethlehem. St. Theodosius Monastery. Monastery at the Shepherds Field (28:23)
20101102 3 Bethlehem. The Basilica of the Nativity (10:01)
20101102-4 Hebron. Holy Trinity. The Oak of Abraham (48:43)
20101103-1 Bethany Community of Resurrection of Christ (46:36)
20101103-2 Bethany. Tomb of Lazarus. The Church of St. Lazarus (25:26)
20101103-3 Jerusalem. Monastery of the Cross (24:13)
20101103-4 Monastery of Saint Symeon the Receiver of the Lord at Katamonas (13:18)
20101103-5 Ein Karem. The Church of the Birth of St. John the Baptist (12:20)
20101103-6 Ein Karem. Gorny convent (17:33)
20101104-1 Jerusalem. Tomb of the Virgin. Gethsemane. Monastery of St. Stephen (28:05)
20101104-2 Jerusalem. Lion's Gate. St Ann Church. Bethesda Pools (21:22)
20101104-3 Jerusalem. Via Dolorosa. The Stations of the Cross. Judgment Gate (20:25)
20101104-4 Jerusalem. Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The Tomb of Jesus (31:14)
20101104-5 Jerusalem. Jaffa Gate. Mount Zion. The Armenian and Jewish quarters (27:00)
20101105-1 Bethlehem. The Basilica of the Nativity of Christ, 2-ed visit (15:19)
20101105-2 Jerusalem. Museum of Israel (16:21)
20101105-3 Mount of Olives. Russian Monastery of Ascension (20:30)
20101105 4 Mount of Olives. Chapel of the Ascension. Pater Noster. Dominus Flevit Church. Convent of St Mary (21:56)
20101106 Jerusalem. Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Night service at the Tomb of Jesus (1:59:34)
20101107-1 Emmaus-Nicopolis (35:10)
20101107-2 Archeological Park in Caesarea (50:32)
20101107-3 Jaffa. Saint Peter Monastery (12:22)
20101107-4 Lydda. Tomb of St. Great Martyr George the Victory-bearer (10:33)
20101108-1 Jordan. Bethany beyond Jordan - the place of baptising Jesus (32:18)
20101108-2 Jordan. Elijah's Hill. Mount Nebo - Memorial of Moses (27:47)
20101108-3 Jordan. Greek Orthodox Church in Madaba (25:57)
20101109-1 Jordan. Al Beidha (Little Petra) (32:04)
20101109-2 Jordan. Petra (1:02:10)
20101110-1 Jordan. Ash-Shawbak Castle. Kerak. Um Rassas-surviving column. Canyon Wadi Hasa (40:46)
20101110-2 Jordan. Fortress of Mukawer (John the Baptist beheaded). Madaba Mosaic shop (12:33)
20101111-1 Jordan. Archeological Park in Jerash (48:31) 20101111-2 Leaving Jordan (27:06)

With Love in Christ,