Parish anniversary kicked off with library dedication

January 24, 2016

In January of 2016 a special service of blessing and dedication was held in St. Herman's parish library after liturgy. Dr. Edward Hartley and his late wife Vivian began the first canonical all-English language parish in BC in 1976. Included here are some photos of the dedication. Dr. Hartley is shown seated in front of the wall with the dedicatory plaque, a photo of himself and Vivian, an icon of St. Herman painted by Dr. Hartley in the early days of the parish, and a poem on the theme of the Resurrection written by Vivian, which appeared in the Handmaiden Orthodox Women's Journal.

Beside Dr. Hartley in this photo are his twin daughters, Andrea Folster and Maria Campbell. The other photo shows Dr. Hartley in the library, surrounded by some of his many godchildren. L-R. Mark Mountain, Eileen Mountain, Al McGee, Wendy McGee, Graham Johnson.