Matushka Ostashek's 100th Birthday

September 30, 2012

Matushka Lena Ostashek celebrated her 100th birthday on Sunday, Sept 30 at Sachava St. Michael's Orthodox Church near Andrew Alberta. Her actual birthday was next day, Oct 1 which was the Protection of the Theotokos feastday.

Around 100 invited guests of family, friends and parishioners gathered at the church at 2PM to participate in a special thanksgiving moleben followed by a reception in the church basement hall. Igumen Gerasim (Power) officiated and spoke of Matushka's life of long service to her family, the church and her community.

Liturgical responses at the moleben were led by Mr. Gregory Fedor (St. Herman's Parish, Edmonton ) who has known Matushka Ostashek for many years and was assisted by Monk Tikhon and local singers from various parishes.

Matushka Lena Ostashek was born, baptized and grew up in the Wasel Parish of Holy Ascension. She was married to William Ostashek in Holy Ascension Church, Wasel in 1933. After her husband was ordained a priest on February 19, 1968, she served alongside Fr. Ostashek in various parishes singing, working with the Ladies groups, sewing of liturgical vestments, providing leadership and advice and being a true inspiration by her faith.

A traditional Ukrainian meal was catered to the guests present and Matushka received congratulatory messages from all levels of provincial and federal government officials including a special greeting from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II which came from Buckingham Palace.

Mrs. Ostashek's children all spoke about their mother achieving this special milestone in her life and at the end of the program, Matushka spoke herself about many events that she recalled during her long life of one hundred years. She thanked everyone for coming and helping her celebrate her special day.The singing of Mnohaya Lita, Many Years was repeated numerous times throughout the afternoon moleben and reception.

May God continue to bless and keep Matushka in good health for many years to come!