Last call for 2019 Cruise to Alaska and Information on 2020 Cruise

February 18, 2019

I would like to share (and ask you to share) important updates regarding the September 2019 pilgrimage/cruise to Alaska (and 2020 events). For reference, the event is posted on the OCA website.

The cruise company (Holland) has shortened the window for groups requiring conference room space, which is our case. For this reason, the travel agent (Dalianes) needs booking to be done before March 31 and ideally within one month. This window of time also coincides with a number of special offers and discounts by Holland, which the lady at Dalianes can explain. I think that there are only about 15 staterooms left at this time, but they need to be booked ASAP and before the deadline to avoid losing the conference space.

I would be grateful if you could: (1) share the attached flyer and website information (www.orthodoxcruises.com) (2) also share information about the 2020 Alaska Pilgrimage events.

With gratitude and respect in Christ Jesus,
Fr Laurent Cleenewerck
Rector, St Innocent Orthodox Church