Fr Andrew Louth Visits Holy Myrrhbearers Orthodox Mission in Toronto

May 6, 2018

Distinguished Patristics scholar and Orthodox theologian Fr Andrew Louth visited Holy Myrrhbearers Orthodox Mission in Toronto, concelebrating and preaching at the Divine Liturgy for the Fifth Sunday of Pascha, the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman.

Fr Andrew joined the parishioners of the mission along with a visiting youth group from St John the Baptist Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Oshawa, for a lunch after the service.

A presbyter of the Russian Orthodox Patriarchal Diocese of Sourozh in the United Kingdom, Fr Andrew serves the parish of St Cuthbert and St Bede in Durham. He has been Professor of Patristic and Byzantine Studies at Durham University since 1996. His interests in research lie mostly in the history of theology in the Greek tradition, especially from the fifth century during the period of the Byzantine Empire to 1453. He is also interested in later periods including the modern period; that is the nineteenth century and later, where his research includes Russian and Romanian Orthodox theology. His interest in the theology of these periods is not purely historical, since he regards dialogue with the theological writers of the past as a resource for theological reflection today. Within this tradition, theology is not separated from prayer and spirituality: the God whom we seek to understand is the God to whom we pray. 

His books include: Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition: from Plato to DenysDiscerning the mystery: an essay on the nature of theology, books on Dionysios (or Denys) the Areopagite, Maximos the Confessor, and John Damascene, and on the tradition of desert spirituality in the Christian tradition, both east and west (The Wilderness of God).

Fr Andrew will be speaking at the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College on Wednesday 9 May at 4pm. For more information see the poster included in the gallery below.