D-Day Commemoration at the Monastery of All Saints of North America in Dewdney, BC

June 6, 2014
D-Day Bench

In August, 2013, five oak trees were planted near the memorial in a field at the Monastery Of All Saints Of North America in Dewdney, British Columbia, to commemorate all those who had perished in the Battle of Stalingrad which many consider to have been a pivotal point in the Second World War.

This year, the veterans returned to the monastery for the dedication of a bench commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day. It was a festive occasion tinged with some sadness, as two of the veterans had since reposed, although the remaining ones insist on coming again next year.

Although most of these veterans had fought on the Eastern Front, also present were those who battled on the Western Front, in addition to Jewish veterans who desired to support this Orthodox Christian event.