Archdiocese of Canada Council Meeting - 2016 Spring Session

April 6, 2016 to April 8, 2016

The Archdiocesan Council Spring Session was held on April 6th – 8th in the assembly hall of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Cathedral in Montreal. His Eminence Irénée, Most Reverend Archbishop of Ottawa and Canada chaired the session. The Archdiocesan Council included the Chancellor, Treasurer, secretary and one clergy and one lay from each Deanery in Canada.

The first session was devoted to the Archdiocesan reports, Archbishop, Chancellor, Secretary and Deans.

In the evening all members of the council attended a Vigil with Litia and matins for the feast of the Annunciation to the Most Holy Birthgiver of God according to the Julian calendar. The following morning, Thursday, April 7th, for the Feast of the Annunciation, the clergy and laity participated at the Divine Liturgy, preceded by the Lenten Hours served in the Cathedral. The service was led by His Eminence Irénée, Most Reverend Archbishop of Ottawa and Canada. After the Liturgy, Vladyka distributed to the parishioners zhavoronki (little rolls shaped into birds (larks) that signify the coming of spring according to Russian traditions, which were baked by the students of the Church school.

After the festal meal (fish being permitted for the feast), the Archdiocesan Council members returned for the second session.

The Council approved the moving of the central office from Ottawa to Rawdon. The central office will be known as Chancellery office.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Archdiocese and plans are currently being made to celebrate this big event. An invitation will be extended to His Beatitude, Tikhon, Archbishop of Washington Metropolitan of All America and Canada and other dignitaries.

For many years the Archdiocese has been holding fundraising projects in support of the Orthodox education, monasteries and new missions. The following collections were decided for all parishes:

  • collections for monasteries be held on Palm Sunday,
  • collections for schools and seminaries will be held on October 2nd,
  • and collections for the new missions on December 25th.

The biggest project this year will be to ensure the Archdiocese has on record, the property information, land titles, and legal documents for every parish in the Diocese. This project will be conducted by the Property Management Committee to research and archive the information.