All Saints, Meadow Lake Celebrates Its Altar Feast

June 11, 2017

On 11 June, the Sunday of All Saints, Priest Gregory Scratch, Dean of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, had the honour of serving at the Parish of Meadow Lake for their Xhram (Altar feast). The parish of All Saints was received into the Archdiocese of Canada in 2008 and has since been served by clergy from Edmonton, Saskatoon and recently Smokey Lake Alberta In those nine years a combination of new members, and the dedication of its long time members has blossomed with weekly reader services and bible studies. Last year the Priest Ryan Bishop (whose home town is Meadow Lake) started serving monthly services and bringing his youthful enthusiasm and energy to an already engaged parish serving Vespers and the Divine Liturgy once a month.

This was the Fr. Gregory's first visit to Meadow Lake, where he served the Divine Liturgy, with the Lesser Blessing of waters, with the blessing of the temple. The parish was joined by friends and family from across Saskatchewan for this blessed feast. After the Liturgy Fr. Gregory talked with the parish about life in the Archdiocese of Canada, the growth of missions and parishes, and the challenges facing the church. He also talked about his expectations for the parish; to grow both spiritually, numerically, and financially to a point where a permanent pastoral and liturgical presence can be offered to the community around them.  A frank discussion developed about how that could happen, and how could the Archdiocese of Canada could facilitate it.

As a community, this parish is wanting to do more, serve more, offer more. By continuing to trust in the Lord, the question is not whether this is possible, but rather what they have to do to make it possible. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, and the prayers of all the saints may they be strengthen in this process.