35th Anniversary of Fr Michael Fourik’s ordination to the Priesthood

August 28, 2022

On the Dormition of Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos the Holy Resurrection Sobor in Vancouver celebrated the 35th Anniversary of Fr. Michael Fourik’s ordination to the Priesthood.

Fr. Michael was appointed as rector of Holy Resurrection in October 1999. In 2003, in recognition of his devoted service, Father Michael was elevated to the dignity of Archpriest. In 2007 he was assigned the Dean of British Columbia and Yukon. In May 2011 Archpriest Michael Fourik was awarded the right to wear the Mitre.

Since 1999 many important events took place in the Parish. One of the most significant was reorganization in 2002-2004 of the Russian Orthodox Society of the City of Vancouver (limited liability company) into a religious organization Holy Resurrection Orthodox Sobor.

The Society was created in the time of Great Depression to save the parish from debts for the church building. During almost 70 years it gradually was going away from church spiritual practice, and became the scope of groups of people with their own understanding and introducing of Orthodoxy. They considered themselves specialists and fiercely defended their point of view. Throughout the year, parties vied for power in the parish and annual nomination of their own candidates to the Council for President, Vice President, and members. Because of this the conflict between the Society leaders and frequently changing priests became permanent. Some of them left memories of the years in our church as the most difficult in their lives.

With God’s help, the long hard work with each parish member allowed to dissolve the Society and create a Parish. As a result, only 3 families left the church. The new Parish Constitution was developed and accepted in 2004 which allows in God’s Grace to keep Peace and Mutual understanding in the Parish. Every year more and more children are born, new families arrive, parishioners are strengthened in faith and more and more consciously strive for Salvation.

Fr. Michael in addition to his main spiritual duties pays special attention to the maintaining church vestments at the required level, many items for the altar were purchased in Russia and Ukraine. We had several major Renovations of the church building, organised permanent financial support by inviting the Montessori school as tenants. The church was beautified with new furniture, floor, carpets, icons… The technical church system were served and repaired on time. The territory around the church building was improved greatly: the new retaining wall around, the new stone porch, trees, bushes, flowers.

Several icons were consecrated on the relics of saints in Moscow and St. Petersburg and delivered to the church: the icon of the Holy Matrona of Moscow, the icon of Blessed Ksenia of Petersburg, the icon of St. John of Kronstadt.

The parish has established a tradition of consecrating the Pacific Ocean with holy icons and celebrating the Epiphany on the ocean shore.

Important Orthodox shrines visited our church: Icon of the Mother of God of Port Arthur, Holy Miraculous Pochaev Icon of the Mother of God, Myrrh-streaming Icon of the Mother of God of Seven Arrows, The miraculous myrrh-streaming icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “Softener of Evil Hearts”, Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God, Hawaiian Myrrh-Streaming Iberian Icon of the Mother of God, Relics of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir.

The financial discipline was improved by using modern financial applications, and regular audit. The church website allows to fully inform the parishioners on the current events and on the Parish History. During the Covid Pandemic the online streaming of the liturgies was organised. People could order Memorial and Candles, and make donations online. All this allowed the parish to survive in a difficult time.

Matushka Elena Fourik is singing in the church choir, is responsible for the Parish Cultural life and social programs, like Sunday School, Concerts, Annual Youth camp, Christmas and Easter celebrations, Garage sales, Church picnics and many more…

For many years our Parish worked hard on organising the Orthodox cemetery in Vancouver which was consecrated in March of 2019.

Our Parish celebrated the 90th Anniversary in 2014, and is currently preparing for 100th anniversary in 2024.

Dear Father Michael, please accept our heartfelt congratulations on the 35th anniversary of your consecration!

Your wise leadership and education, prayerful attitude, firmness and strictness in the confession of faith, zeal for God, become an example of Service, and show Life-giving Faith.

Heartfelt and kind participation in the salvation of one’s neighbor, diligent labors introduce even more Orthodox Christians into the life of communion with the Lord. Everything around you is connected by Love – Love for God, Love for worship, Love for the flock. It deeply touches your attention to each person, for you there are no trifles in spiritual life. Everyone in the parish feels the power of your prayers, which help to adequately survive adversity and trials. The worship you perform leaves no one indifferent.

We wish you, our Dear Father, a peaceful state of mind, strength of body and soul, patience, spiritual joy!

May your dreams come true, may your undertakings be successful!

Please find more details on Fr. Michael biography at https://orthodoxcanada.ca/Mitred_Archpriest_Michael_and_Matushka_Elena_Fourik

Here is the video clip of celebration of the 35th Anniversary of Fr. Michael Fourik’s ordination to the Priesthood at Holy Resurrection Sobor.

With love in Christ, on behalf of the parishioners of Holy Resurrection

Alexander and Galina Ovodov