Orthodox Institute on the Family Talks Start Friday

September 22, 2017 to December 15, 2017

All Saints of North America Church in Hamilton, ON is hosting an Orthodox Institute on the Family conference series — four fascinating, current, practical topics for individuals and families alike:

  • Unrooted: How Moves, Jobs and Unlimited Choices Undermine Our Faith - Friday September 22 – Speaker: Fr Geoffrey Korz
  • Cultivating a Healthy Gender Identity in Our Children and Ourselves - Friday October 27 – Speaker: Fr Michael Carney
  • Anger and Arguments in the Christian Home - Friday November 17 – Speaker: Fr Bohdan Hladio
  • The Demon of Noonday: An Orthodox Approach to Depression and Health - Friday December 15 – Speaker: Fr Geoffrey Korz

For more information, you may view the event pamphlet, then go to the ASNA website to register. There is no charge; a freewill donation will be taken.

All are invited to attend and share the event information with others.