Orthodox Bishop prays in French

July 30, 2013

We have published the translation of the article from the Russian journal Krestovskij Most №12 (2012) about His Grace Bishop Irénée. Here is the link to our new section called Life stories. Please click here to go directly to the article.

Please send us articles and stories, preferably with photos,
for publishing in this "Life Stories" section about our Archdiocesan History.
It is intended that this section be a resource for us all to consult,
and to learn about and be encouraged by the life of Orthodox Christians in our Archdiocesan family.
These stories and articles can be from the present, or from the earliest days of Orthodox Christian immigration to Canada.
The more that photos, or even videos can be shared, the better. If some life stories can be given,
we will all find this both helpful and enlightening.
Please send us articles and stories with pictures about the important events (past and present)
in the missions, parishes, monasteries; about our clergy, lay people, monastics, youth, family members;
about facts of miracles, and evidence of how the Lord has shown His presence with us.