Hieromonk Damascene to Speak in Hamilton

March 17, 2018

All Saints of North America Church in Hamilton is bringing priest, author, and speaker Hieromonk Damascene, abbot of St Herman's Monastery in Platina, California, to headline their Orthodox Spirituality Series 2018 on Saturday 17 March.

St Herman's Monastery is the home of North America's oldest and most prolific English-language Orthodox publishing house, begun decades ago during the time of one of its first residents, Father Seraphim Rose.

Father Damascene has had the privilege to oversee the editing of many publications, including Father Seraphim's seminal work, Genesis, Creation, and Early Man, which brings together the teachings of holy scripture and scores of Church Fathers, to help faithful Christians understand the timeless teaching of our origins and history.

Space for this long-anticipated event is limited. Please register online soon to ensure you'll have a seat. And if you register and forward payment before March 1st, you'll save 25% on individual tickets.

We're sure the 2018 Orthodox Spirituality Series will be one of our most edifying and challenging series yet - with an outstanding speaker, Vespers service, a delicious meal, the Desert Wisdom Books & Media booth, and the wonderful, faithful company of friends we have come to enjoy each year.

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