Great Blessing of Water at Theophany - St Mark the Evangelist Church, Yorkton

Blessing the water. The cross became quickly crusted with ice.
January 6, 2019

It had been many many years since the faithful of St Mark at Yorkton had blessed water on the lake. Last year plans where put into place to do this, but the -40 weather discouraged many.

This year, the forecast was for -4 weather, and it was decided to go ahead, for Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning the weather looked good. By the time that afternoon had rolled around, it was only -6 but a good Saskatchewan blizzard had rolled in. The weather was now with winds of 50 km with 4 cm of snow falling.

The faithful gathered at Good Spirit Lake and decided to head out on to the lake to perform the great blessing, blizzard or no blizzard. Glory to God, the lake was blessed. With the Feast!