Feastday of the Monastery Church: 'The Joy of All Canada'

July 31, 2017

The Monastery of All Saints of North America in Dewdney, British Columbia, celebrates its feast 'The Joy Of Canada' on the last Sunday of July, and each year there is a concern about the weather—will it be bright and sunny to allow us to have a procession to the memorial in the field, or will there be a West Coast summer downpour?

There is usually little to worry about except midsummer heat that can bear down upon us. This year was no exception and, after the Divine Liturgy, a procession began with the monastery's Russian bells, donated to us by our dear friends in Florida, ringing melodiously. Because of the heat, many of the older people and those with small children did not participate in the procession.

At the monument, with its large metal reproduction of the Joy of Canada icon, surrounded by lush greenery, those holding icons and relics stood up front and the moleben began. There was even a drone flying overhead with a camera filming the procession! Some people had driven great distances to be present and, indeed, after the agape meal and a period of rest, we had a baptism of a baby girl whose parents drove from Alberta especially to have her baptized here at the monastery.

We thank the Most Holy Theotokos, the Joy of Canada, for all the she has granted us once again this year.