St. Tikhon Archdiocesan Stewards Committee

St TikhonSTAS Vision Statement

St. Tikhon Archdiocesan Stewards program assists in the growth of our missionary diocese, and assist those who labour in this vineyard, both clergy and laity. It will Insure a strong healthy witness of the Lords unfathomable love for this his Church, and for this his people. Through the involvement of the faithful of the Archdioceses of Canada, demonstrated in above-and-beyond contributions to the funding of the Archdioceses.

STAS Mission Statement

The St. Tikhon Archdiocesan Stewards (STAS) is a method in which the faithful Orthodox Christians of the Archdioceses of Canada can contribute in a straightforward, intentional, and meaningful way, to the witness of Orthodoxy in Canada.

This type of giving is above-and-beyond our regular parish stewardship, and is not intended to replace or diminish current tithing to your home community, but rather is a call to more deeply invest in the mission of the Orthodox Church across Canada. It is a sacrificial investment in the mission in Canada, cultivating the present and future health, stability and growth of the Church.

STAS funding will used to provide administrative assistance to the Episcopacy, the Chancellery, Deans, and additionally in time, provide additional support to seminarians (in the form of debt relief), and missions, and may be developed to compensate clergy stipends, to support camps and youth programs, for missionary outreach, and so much more.

Every step will be made to insure that the decisions regarding STAS, its funds, and their allocation, will be accessible and transparent.

STAS provides an opportunity for the faithful to live the words of the St. Tikhon in “devoting our self’s to the Orthodox faith not in or tongue only but in deed and truth”.

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