Online Clergy Update Request


This form is for updating your personal profile on the archdiocesan website.
Please avoid publishing sensitive for you or your family information.
You need to enter only the fields which need correction.
If some data needs to be removed - please enter REMOVE into the corresponding fields.
The editor may check back the received information to be sure it is sent from the right person.

Last name, followed by first name - the field is used for sorting the Clergy list
Example: (Bonnel), Igumen Roman - Last name for monastic in bracets

Use this field only if necessary

In each line list a parish (from the Communities list)
In each line list positions, like rector, igumen, assigned ...
In each row list positions, like: Archdiocesan dean, Metropolitan Council representatives, Youth coordinator, Archdiocesan Council member ...
Date and place of ordination; Ordained by Bishop/Archbishop; Record of places where you have served
School names with years; Degrees, certificates awarded.
Church and lay awards with dates and references to the authorized organs and persons.
Date and place of death, funeral, and burial
Spouse’s last name, first name, and last name before marriage