Lent and Holy Week

Forgiveness Sunday



Let God Arise

Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

Compline served with Canon

Canon of St. Andrew of Crete – Monday

Canon of St. Andrew of Crete - Tuesday

Canon of St. Andrew of Crete - Thursday

God is with us Kievan

Remain with us

Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

Ninth Hour/Litya

Psalm 104

Great Litany


Lord, I Call - Reader text

Lord, I Call - Wednesday Stikhera

Lord, I Call - Friday Stikhera

The Entrance

Old Testament Readings

Prokeimena - Fridays and Holy Week

Let my prayer arise Wigglesworth

Gospel to Great Entrance

Now the powers Bassoline

Now the powers

Litany of Supplication - pre-communion

O taste and see

O taste and see Bassoline

After Communion

Post-Communion Psalms

Let our mouths be filled Byzantine Tone 2

Prokeimena Wednesday

Lenten Praises

Lenten Praises Text

Lazarus Saturday

Troparion Obikhod Tone 1

Bridegroom Matins

Matins Beginning

Alleluia Troparion Kievan Tone 8

Kathisma Hymns Monday Obikhod Tones

Kathisma Hymns Tuesday Obikhod Tones

Kathisma Hymns Wednesday Obikhod Tones

The Gospel Reading

Holy Tuesday Canon

Holy Wednesday Canon

Exapostilarion Kievan Tone 8

The Praises - Reader Text

Praises Monday Obikhod Tones

Praises Tuesday Obikhod Tones

Praises Wednesday Obikhod Tones


Aposticha - Monday (Obikhod Tones)

Aposticha – Tuesday (Obikhod Tones)

Aposticha – Wednesday (Obikhod Tones)


Holy Thursday Vesperal Liturgy

People Books A

People Books B

Reader Book A

Reader Book B

Of Your Mystical Supper (Obikhod Tone 6)

Holy Friday Matins

Holy Friday Matins Text

Holy Friday Matins Music

Antiphons text

Antiphons 1-3 (Obikhod Tones)

Antiphons 4-6 (Obikhod Tones)

Antiphons 7-9 (Obikhod Tones)

Antiphons 10-12 (Obikhod Tones)

Antiphons 13-15 (Obikhod Tones)


Prokeimenon (Obikhod)


Exapostilarion (Kievan Tone 8)

Praises (Obikhod Tones)

Aposticha ((Obikhod Tones)

Final Litany

Holy Friday Vespers


Great Litany

Lord, I Call_text

Lord, I Call (Obikhod Tones)

Gladsome Light_Dvoretsky

Prokeimena (Obikhod)

Evening prayer/litanies

Aposticha (Obikhod Tones)

Noble Joseph Bulgarian Chant

Noble Joseph Greek Chant

Come, let us bless Joseph Pskov

Holy Saturday Matins



Evgolitaria (Obikhod Tone 5)


Holy is the Lord our God (Obikhod Tone 2)

Praises (Obikhod Tones)

Praises text


Noble Joseph_Bulgarian Chant


Holy Saturday Vesperal Liturgy - Liturgy of St. Basil the Great

Beginning up to the readings

Old Testament Readings/Epistle

For Gloriously Praise the Lord

Prokeimenon (Znamenny)

Let all mortal flesh Sokolyk

Hymn to the Theotokos Tone.9 Znamenny Chant

Communion Hymn Wigglesworth

Holy Week Praises

Holy Week Praises