Sending articles and updates to the website

April 23, 2013

Dear website users and visitors

At the bottom of each page, please find the online forms for sending your articles and updates to the Website Editors’ Team. When opening the online form for updating the content, please stay on the page which needs the update. This is the easiest way to find this page.

Please send only needed information in your updates. Do not repeat the information which has already been supplied and which is still correct.

The Editors or the Webmaster will contact you before or after publushing your articles or updates.


1. It is preferable that the updates for the Clergy and Communities be sent personally with the blessing of your rector/ priest-in-charge.

2. The Archdiocesan Secretary, Protodeacon Nazari Polataiko, receives your messages through these online forms. There is no need to send extra messages to his address.