New Mission Dedicated to St Olga of Alaska in Edmonton

February 3, 2024

On Saturday 3 February, St Olga of Alaska Mission began its existence with the inaugural service of Great Vespers. St Olga’s Mission was born out of the desire of St Herman of Alaska parish in Edmonton to spread the gospel and Orthodox Christianity in the south of Edmonton. The vision was to “build out, not up,” and so under the leadership of Fr Ryan Bishop, 50 intrepid members from St Herman’s set out to accomplish this massive undertaking. On the following Sunday, the first liturgy was attended by over 80 people, comprised of St Olga’s members and those from St Herman’s parish who came to send them off and wish them well in the bonds of brotherly love. With this great beginning, may God move mightily in the hearts of St Olga’s children, and in the community beyond!

For all information including service times, location, and other details, please visit our website, www.stolgas.ca