A Lake, a Sunny Day, and Baptisms

October 5, 2020

With all the negatives and changes that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to rejoice for the blessings that are occurring. One is those who are seeking and find the true faith in this troubled time.

St Mark is blessed to have encountered such a couple. The newly illumined Paisios and Mary realized that their new age and eastern spiritual beliefs were lacking. This was heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. In their search, Christianity came to the forefront. But which branch would be the one to follow? In the Orthodox Church they saw the opportunity to be able to live a deep and fulfilling faith. As Paisios mentioned, “We would be able to have a personal and loving relationship with God.”

Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, contact was made by email. When the restrictions eased, in person contact was made. This lead to catechism classes. The end result was a glorious autumn day at the lake. The only downside, was the wind gusts and that the lake was at a 50 year low level, meaning a good hike to find deeper water.  Paisios and Mary were baptized and chrismated, Glory to God!

May God grant many years to the newly illumined servants.