First Sunday Divine Liturgy at New Hamilton Mission

March 14, 2021

This past Sunday morning (Forgiveness Sunday) St Maria of Paris Orthodox Mission marked a major milestone by celebrating its first regular Sunday morning liturgy at Holy Trinity Anglican church in upper Hamilton, Ontario. The liturgy was attended by 20 faithful Orthodox Christians along with several visitors. While pandemic restrictions did not allow for a choir, Fr Yuri Hladio and his wife Matushka Nikyla offered their voices in song as the community celebrated the liturgy and received the Body and Blood of the Lord. Following the liturgy, all were greeted via letter by our beloved Archbishop Irénée who offered a vision for the new parish built on the virtues of repentance and love. Restrictions once again did not allow for further celebrations, however the joy was easy to see in the eyes of all as the faithful departed in peace into a sunny afternoon.

St Maria’s beginnings trace back to a small group of Orthodox Christians who began meeting informally in 2016, seeking to pray and volunteer together. Through the blessing and support of Archbishop Irénée, Fr Yuri Hladio, and many volunteers, the community has since blossomed into a full mission parish. The commencement of Sunday morning liturgies was somewhat delayed due to the pandemic, but by the prayers of St Maria and the blessings of the Lord the parish has persevered. The community wishes to share its joy upon joining in prayer with our brothers and sisters in the archdiocese of Canada, the OCA, and God’s Church worldwide.