First Baptism at St Maria’s in Hamilton

June 5, 2022

The parish of St Maria of Paris in Hamilton, Ontario has been growing fast since its birth in the Spring of 2020 and the baptism of little Zenaida Miru Raveendranathan this past Sunday (June 5) marks yet another milestone in the establishment of this community. 

The celebration and joy of the day was clearly seen in the faces of all fifty-two people present for the baptism and Divine Liturgy. The congregational singing was beautiful as even guests joined in the joyous melodies. Fr Yuri’s sermon focused on the Gospel as the foundational story of the universe and the need of all baptized Christians to attach their own lives and stories to the saving story of Christ.   

After the service Erica & Gajen (Zenaida’s parents) provided food and drink for everyone present. As the weather was beautiful the children were able to run around and play on the church lawn as everyone spent an hour or two eating and drinking together in the sun. 

The parish life at St Maria’s in Hamilton is growing and the future is bright. With another two newborns on the way and nine more catechumens to receive over the next few months it seems that Zenaida’s baptism is a joyful foretaste of the blessings of God to come.