Faithful gather after fire at the Holy Assumption (Dormition) of the Virgin Mary chapel and cemetery

July 7, 2019

The faithful gathered with joy and sadness to continue their tradition of celebrating the Divine Liturgy on Holy Spirit day at the Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary chapel and cemetery by Stenen, Saskatchewan.

On May 19th the faithful awoke to learn that a fire had occurred at their beautiful church. Through the protection of the Theotokos, an unusual east wind was blowing early that morning helping to preserve the 114 year old log church. Unfortunately, the hall, the shed/garage, the bell tower and the outhouse were all completely destroyed by an arsonist. Prayers of thanksgiving were given. The few faithful of the church gathered afterward with Father Rodion Luciuk to discuss how to raise funds for the $4450 bill from the town fire department.

Also it was decided to continue with the current schedule of couple a services a year at the church. Glory to God for his blessings!