Archbishop Irénée's Visit to Winnipeg

August 16, 2019 to August 17, 2019

This August the parish of St Nicholas in Narol, and the mission station of Christ the Saviour in Winkler had the blessing of having Archbishop Irénée serve with them for the feast of the Icon not made by hands (the altar feast of the Mission) and the ordination of Deacon Yuri Hladio to the priesthood.

Making  the hour and a half drive south to the community of Winkler, Vladika, the Archpriest Phillip (archdiocesan chancellor) and Matushka Barbra Erikson joined the Archpriest Gregory Scratch to be with the mission community of Christ the Saviour for their feast day. Unfortunately the space the community rents for services was not available to them, so a moliben and the akathist to the sweetest Lord Jesus was served at the home of Wesley and Inga Giesbrecht. Following the service a beautiful traditional Mennonite meal was served. The service and meal felt more like a family gathering around their father and archpastor Vladika Irénée. 

The following day Vladika Irénée was greeted at St Nicholas by the faithful and clergy for the ordination of Deacon Yuri Hladio to the priesthood. Serving with Vladika were Fr Phillip, Fr. Gregory, the Archpriest Gene Maximiuk (Holy Trinity Metropolitain Cathedral - UOCC), the Priest Matthew Beynon (Holy Trinity Sobor),  the Priest Stephen Sharman (St Nicholas, Narol) and the Protodeacon Jesse Isaac (St Herman of Alaska in Edmonton). Before the Liturgy began, Vladika awarded the right to wear the Orarion to Seraphim Scratch for his service at the altar.

It was truly fitting place for the ordination of Deacon Yuri to the priesthood, as he had served at St Nicholas as choir director and cantor, and that is where his wife Nikyla had been received into Orthodoxy and that it is where they were married. Sadly Fr Yuri's father (Archpriest Bohdan Hladio) was unable to be present as he had broken his hip the week earlier. We pray for his continued recovery.

With the combined voices of their family, and the parish that he had served, and by clergy who had served them both, the shouts of "Axios!" were overwhelming.